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Wellness Consulting

Wellness Consulting

Want to embody the best, healthiest, most energized and refreshed version of yourself, at home or on the road?

Travel through life as your most radiant self, anywhere in the world with SV Wellness Concierge.

Introducing SV Wellness Concierge, a service that offers expertly curated, uniquely personalized well-being guidance, experiences and programs, all inspired to support your wellness goals so you can stay on track and feel like your most optimal, aligned self while you travel.


At SV Wellness, we believe that consistency is key to all aspects of our lives. We are also very much aware that traveling makes it hard to stick to your routines, testing our ability to live a life of true self-care. Being seasoned globetrotters ourselves, we are very familiar with this challenge. What once was a personal dilemma, evolved into a passion and a desire to help others, mixed with a strong curiosity for finding the city’s healthy hotspots as well as tried and true places focused on the lifestyle of natural beauty and wellness. Our quest to find the best Pilates studio, grab a fresh and organic green juice, book a transcendent reiki session with an expert, etc. is what drives our research.

From eateries, facials, beauty salons, holistic healing treatments such as sound and crystal healing, energy balancing, acupuncture, etc, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re someone who wonders… “Where’s the best Pilates Reformer class in London? What are the trendy places to eat in Paris right now? The vibist cafés and juice spots? Where can I get an infrared sauna session? Can I find a reiki healing session? What are the coolest places to shop? What’s the chicest hair salon? What’s the best infrared yoga place?…”

We’ve got you covered. Feeling like you’re thriving when you travel is the ultimate luxury.

Quality is our biggest pillar. You can rest assure that all of our recommendations have been filtered and tested to give you the best experiences according to your unique needs, as we personally consult with practitioners on their different areas of expertise.



With a holistic approach to health, we work as your personal guide to establish a plan that will lead to a more balanced you. We’ll prescribe a wellness routine that you will actually love; one that integrates nutrition, movement, mindfulness and ongoing recommendations and resources. Whether you are looking to upgrade your sense of well-being or are committed to feeling great on the road, you can learn how to implement meaningful changes tailored to your needs.

The Offerings


The Well-Living

$200.0 usd

What’s Included...

  • Initial 30-min pre-trip consultation with Sofía
  • Follow-up email with Daily Rituals
  • Custom advice to achieve goals
  • Holistic Wellness recommendations
  • Availability via email for one week

Support Sessions • 6/$1000

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The Well-Traveled

$500.0 usd

What’s included?

  • Pre-trip 1-hour consultation with Sofía
  • In-transit snack list
  • Wellness tips for travel
  • Fitness and Spa recommendations
  • Restaurant suggestions and menu tips
  • Availability via email during travels
  • Cultural experiences based on interests

2 Week Trip: $1000

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Lifestyle and Wellness Advisor

A curated guide to the best of environments across the world to empower you create the life that you want. “It all comes from a healthy attitude. When you believe in your worth, you’ll do whatever it takes to be the healthier version of yourself.” – Sofía Valanci

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