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My In-Flight Essentials

I TRAVEL often. Truly grateful that I get to! It literally lights me up that said, the process annoys me. Maybe it starts with the anxiety that I get when I (unconsciously) want to stay in my comfort zone, and try bring the current routine — a skincare arsenal, supplements, snacks as if I was headed to a desert island, shoes for days, etcetera, etcetera.

I’m a work in progress and constantly striving to simplify and let go of control.


Whether I’m jumping on a flight to visit family or off to discover new places, there are a few things that I won’t travel without. 

Things that make my transit experience a little easier, and dare I say, more pleasurable? (At this point you now know I really don’t like airports!). 

Today I share my In-Flight Essentials down to a science, which I’ll be forever updating, but right now, here is what I always have with me on the plane. 

N1. Water is #1! The best thing you can do to combat the super dehydrating effect of being on an airplane, and stay well, is to hydrate. Hydrate, hydrate. I always make sure to bring at least 1L of water with me. 

Bonus: Adding a few drops of liquid chlorophyll to encourage alkalinity. 

N2. Probiotics: Gas in the intestines will expand about 30% with a cabin altitude of 7000 feet, and as air pressure decreases, the air in your stomach increases. What happens when I don’t take a probiotic? I get bloated. 

Studies have shown that drinking plenty of water combined with a probiotic relieve GI symptoms like bloating. 

I’m currently loving The Nue Co.

N3. Hand sanitizer by Aesop: BASIC

N4. Hand cream by Aesop, this one smells beautiful and delivers hydration! I've used it for years. 

N5. Lip balm by Barbara Sturm’s: because what’s worse than chapped lips? Say no more

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N6. Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Essence Mist: the smell is Camellia and the product has some of the best ingredients to boost hydration, energize skin, and enhance radiance, I’m talking about hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E. This is a 10/10.

N7. Natural aromatherapy Tata Harper’s Irritability: I full-heartedly believe in the transformative effects of essentials oils. This one keeps me calmed and relaxed while traveling. 

N8. goopglow sachets: a good dose of vitamin C + the added benefits of antioxidants like vitamin A, E, CoQ10, and Zeaxanthin — for radiance, basically

N9. Snacks! Eating clean anywhere is one of my commitments to feeling good. My pick is always fresh fruit. If I know that the day ahead won’t allow time to eat a proper meal… I’m big fan of Sakara’s Detox Bar :)

This whole thing of essentialism continuously teaches me that it’s rewarding to let go of control, that simplifying is truly an art, and IT'S ALL GOOD.

May 07, 2019