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Lymph Care 101

While the heart is the pump that circulates blood, the lymph has no such organ. It moves through the body via muscle contraction (another reason to exercise!), deep breathing, compression, and manual stimulation (think dry brushing, lymphatic drainage, and gua sha). 

Not only is tending to the lymphatic system important for reducing those visual cues of tiredness and overexertion, but internally, the body is decreasing inflammation, nurturing the brain, and balancing immunity. 

Lymphatic drainage is a kind of massage that supposedly stimulates the natural drainage of the lymph, which helps to eliminate waste from the body.

The goal is to move the fluid out of [the] tissues and into the lymph nodes, where bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed

Lymphatic massage encourages the flow and release of excess lymphatic fluid within the tissues just beneath the skin. If your pregnant, lymphatic massage promotes better oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange improving nutrient flow to you and your baby.

— WAYS TO CARE for your lymphatic system
Try rebouding (I use Bellicon!)
Drink lemon water
Take enzymes
Get a massage
Try dry brushing and gua sha
Eat raw foods
Practice yoga

December 09, 2020