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Wake Up Well: Warm Lemon Water

A ritual is an elevated practice that helps us live our best lives. We can learn a lot about a person by their everyday rituals. "Wake Up Well" is a curation of my favorite morning practices.

A few years back, little did I know that a strong morning routine was going to turn into some of my most valuable tools to help me feel balanced and grounded, from day to night. 

I’ve come to appreciate that repetitive rituals help me align to start the day feeling centered and refreshed. Find out which ones work for you as they should be personal and help you vibrate higher. The moment you start feeling overwhelmed, be kind and gentle with yourself — we do not judge ourselves. 

Warm Lemon Water
Drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning aids the digestive tract to flush out toxins. It is an immune-boosting drink since it’s naturally high in vitamin C and even when they taste acidic, for our system lemons are one of the most alkalizing ingredients, meaning that they balance our bodies’ pH. Keeping your pH balanced protects you from diseases, it is thought that these can only thrive on an acidic body. Lemons are also great for skin; they soften and sweep away dead skin cells.

Alkalize the system
Jumpstart digestion
A good helping of vitamin C
Clear, glowing complexion

February 05, 2020