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What Is Matcha

Matcha tea is a finely ground, green powder made from green tea leaves. Unlike traditional green teas, matcha undergoes a process that concentrates more than 100 times the number of standard EGCG antioxidants—known to be the most powerful in nature—within it. The tea also contains a compound called theanine that improves overall mood.

Read on to hear what else we’ve discovered about matcha to date. 

BETTER MOOD. Matcha tea improves your mood by releasing a dose of theanine, which—combined with a moderate amount of caffeine—enhances memory and concentration.

REJUVENATION. Important studies have found the powerful antioxidants in matcha tea not only slow down the aging process but also protect the brain against dementia and its progressive cognitive deterioration. Human clinical trials looked at EGCG as a potential therapy for people in early Alzheimer’s stages.

Compounds in matcha provide an energy boost to metabolism.

ENERGY. A number of studies involving moderate-intensity exercise found that compounds in matcha provide an energy boost to metabolism, upping individual performance and stamina while reducing abdominal fat. 

DETOX. A study from March 2017 discovered that EGCG not only brought down blood sugar but also slowed the toxin buildup that impairs vision, kidneys and the heart—an even tougher complication for diabetics. 

REST. L-theanine not only produces a soothing effect, at the same time we stay alert; recent studies also suggest the compound plays a role in the sleep cycle, allowing us to slumber more soundly. 

HEART HEALTH. Matcha’s most important antioxidant, EGCG, dilates blood vessels and lowers arterial pressure, cholesterol and inflammation to keep blood-clots from forming. That means matcha helps protect against heart disease and keeps blood vessels flexible and healthy.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Thanks to EGCG and its anti-inflammatory properties, matcha inhibits tumor cells in lungs, breasts and the prostate—and is currently under study to determine if it can be therapeutic for other types of cancer.  

People have only just started talking about all of matcha’s marvelous benefits. Little by little, start adding this super-food to healthy snacks, for a midday boost—or into more ambitious recipes, smoothies, pancakes, etc…  

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November 26, 2017