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How I Eat — Food Combining

Food Combining is the practice of eating foods in certain combinations to optimize digestion and elimination. When we remove obstruction from the body, vitality takes hold.

This way of eating stands by the belief that certain foods pair well together, while others do not. Different foods digest with different enzymes and certain food categories take longer to digest than others. 

Let’s talk about the main “rules”/concepts of food combining and how to do it:

1. Fruit should be eaten only on an empty stomach: considered the most pure food on the planet, fruit increases our vitality and delivers key vitamins, minerals and pure, filtered water into our bodies. However, when we eat fruit is key. Fruit breaks down the quickest of all foods; it is out of the stomach in twenty to thirty minutes. If it has to sit on top of foods that take longer to digest and leave the stomach, namely, concentrated foods like starch and protein, it will ferment and acidify the whole meal. #FRUITFIRST

2. Do not mix protein and starches — choose a protein or starch for each meal. Kenzie Burke, wellness influencer explains how these are both concentrated foods. "Protein requires an acid to break down, starches require an alkaline. If you eat an acid and alkaline together they neutralize each other. The stomach then tries to make more acid and alkaline juices to get the digestive system going which ultimately is using a lot of energy to try to break down these foods. This slows down the digestive process, decreases our energy and what happens? The foods sit in our system longer creating a heavy feeling and possible bloat. Remember, we don’t want to use or waste energy on our digestive systems if we don’t have to. We could use this energy in so many other areas of our body and in our life."

When structuring a meal pick a starch OR protein and pair that with vegetables (which are neutral). I like to remind others to keep 1/2 (or more than 1/2) of your plate as vegetables to optimize digestion.

3. Vegetables are neutral — these items can pair with anything

4. Mixing two starches is OK

5. Mixing two types of animal protein is not okay

6. Fats should be eaten moderately with protein (animal and plant) but are okay to eat with carbohydrates

This is how I eat and how I’ve done it for the past 13 years, living by these principles truly changed me on a physical, mental and emotional level. My energy skyrocketed, my digestion improved and as a result my skin cleared up, I started to sleep so well and to this day, it helps me feel light — in a state of ease and flow. Food Combining allowed me to reach a whole new level of health and beauty.

January 26, 2021