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Tata Harper, Pioneer in Natural Luxury Skincare

Some people just need no introduction, for obvious reasons, Tata Harper is one of them.

She is the true modern pioneer of natural luxury skin care products, the queen of today’s “clean beauty” movement, and a force making a positive impact in the beauty and wellness industry. 

Her brand, named after her, was conceived after his stepfather was diagnosed with skin cancer. The doctors treating him urged them to read the labels of the products used at home in order to dismiss anything with synthetic chemicals, which turn out to be toxic. Tata became hyper aware of what to use and what to avoid, but given the fact that she wasn’t convinced of the options she was being offered in the market, she decided to create her eponymous 100% toxic-free skincare line. Today, it is notoriously known for its use of the highest quality ingredients, made in small-batches and sold in its beautiful bright-green, golden detailed glass packaging. 

I feel super lucky to have had the opportunity to catch up with her — you guys, it’s the middle of Fashion Week and listen when I tell you that she’s someone with a hectic schedule! Keep reading, where give you more on her morning routine, favorite snacks, advise to anyone starting out a new business and more!

The Interview

What do your mornings look like? 
The first thing I take care of in the morning is my skin. I don’t like wearing makeup, but I do like making sure that I have a nice, healthy glow. I start by polishing my skin with the Regenerating Cleanser, then saturate it with Hydrating Floral Essence. While my skin is still damp, I apply Elixir Vitae on my whole face and Boosted Contouring Serum on my neck. I like to focus on my eye area so I use Elixir Vitae Eye Serum and Illuminating Eye Crème, then I use Illuminating Moisturizer. I finish with a layer of Replenishing Nutrient Complex and give myself some color with Very Naughty on my cheeks and Be Adored on my lips.

Do you have any nighttime rituals that help you wind down/sleep well?
I love hanging out with my children and spending quality one on one time with them. It’s the absolute perfect way to destress and balance any stress from the day.

What are the snacks you rely on for glowing skin?
A beet juice and dark chocolate, almonds, and dried cherries.

Do you have an exercise routine that you practice regularly?
Lately I’m subscribing more to the cross-training philosophy, incorporating a lot of different exercises, really focused on staying strong.

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What is your idea of beauty?
My idea of beauty is to glow both from the inside and the out.

Do you have any kind of practice, holistic or not, that helps nourish/protect your sense of feeling beautiful?
I meditate every morning and whenever I need to reset throughout the day.

For a person who’s just getting started into Tata Harper the brand, which do you consider must-haves?
Our Resurfacing Mask. It’s gotten multiple beauty awards and has been a client-favorite and bestseller since day one. It gives you instant glow; when people try it they always fall in love with the results.

What are your current favorite places to eat?
Indochine in New York City and Casa Tua in Miami!

What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting a business?
Make sure that you’re putting something into the market that will make people’s lives easier. It’s tough to start up a business but as long as you have a quality, sought-after product that you believe in, the rest will follow.



February 06, 2020