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Nadia Josse, Influencer Relations

“CONVERSATIONS” is all about highlighting some of the people I admire in the world of design, commerce, fashion, and wellness. We talk about their journeys, self-care practices, and some of their current/all-time favorite things.

Enter Nadia Josse. A Parisian living in New York, she works in Chanel (dream fashion house), she's a natural beauty, truly chic and here she shares her top style essentials, favorite indulgences, some of the skincare products she can’t live without, and so. Much. More.


The Interview:

Can you tell us where you’re from and a little bit about your background?
I’m from Paris! I moved to NYC 9 years ago. My mom is from Tunisia (which is why my name is Nadia) and my dad is French. I grew up with both cultures and I love it. I’m an only child but with a SUPER large family on my mom’s side. I moved to NYC in July 2010. I had no job and no friends. Best decision I ever made. Nothing was easy but NYC is now my home. 

How has your career influenced the way you dress?
I always loved fashion and dressing up. To be honest, I now would rather spend $400 in a Vitamix then a pair of shoes but I have to dress up for work.

How would you describe your style?
I like to keep it simple. Back in the days, I would buy intricate pieces etc. But now my philosophy is as long as the clothes fit you, keep it clean and simple with some KILLER shoes, coat, and bag. The rest doesn’t have to be super expensive. I get my tees and sweaters from Uniqlo - jeans from Acne or RE/DONE and for the rest it’s Chanel.

What are the 5 pieces you can’t live without? Basically, your style essentials…
- A pair of jeans that FIT YOU! 
- A good sweater from Isabel Marant
- A pair of boots from Chanel
- A good white tee shirt (RE/DONE or Uniqlo)
- My engagement ring (@theclearcut) which I’m obsessed with!

What is your “uniform”?
Jeans, sweater and boots. 

How does your style change from the weekday to the weekend? 
Lol, I tend to stay in workout clothes all weekend… 

What are some rules of style you think every woman should follow?
Sounds very cheesy but first, be yourself and then wear clothes that FIT YOU! And also, no need to own 100,000 things. Keep it simple, wear things that make you happy. 

I loved that you just started @doingitfortheglow, which shows your love for cooking and eating clean, what is your favorite recipe?

Oh yeah! People have been telling me for years that I needed to start a blog. I don’t really have time or skills to write a blog but man I can SCROLL! So I created @doingitfortheglow. I just want to show people that being healthy is not complicated, yes you have to spend a bit of time preparing but it’s all worth it and can be enjoyable.

I don’t really have a favorite recipe - just like clothes and style - I like simple. If you have good quality organic veggies - the sky is the limit. I’m happy with a large bowl of roasted veggies and a sweet potato. People think it’s hard but to be honest it’s the easiest thing ever. 

Where does your interest in health come from? And when did you make the connection between holistic health and radiance? 
Moving to NYC was a huge shock to my body and my health. I was eating the same things I was eating in France and my body FREAKED OUT! I started to read and read more. I realized that I had to be way more mindful in the US. That the simple chicken salad from the deli or the latte from Starbucks were full of crap that would make me sick. But I had to test and learn. I had to make my own mistakes and see what worked for me. 

Yoga also helped me. I started going to Jivamukti religiously - they are a big proponent of a vegan diet, so I was intrigued. Yoga also makes you more mindful - you’re more aware of what’s going on in your body - what works and what doesn’t.

What are your non-negotiable wellness practices? How do you incorporate these practices into your everyday life?
First non-negotiable is SWEAT! I feel my best when I workout and sweat every day. So no matter what, I put a workout in the morning. I travel a lot for work - so obviously I’m more flexible when I’m away but to be honest the secret to beating jet-lag is for sure a good workout! 

Second, and this can be challenging: GREENS! Green juice preferably and if not a big bowl of raw greens. 

Both those practices will set me up for the day. I would normally add meditation but I haven’t meditated for over a month. My 2019 resolution is to get back into it - it’s really life-changing. I practice vedic meditation for which you have to take a course.

What is your diet like? What do you eat in a day?
I follow a plant-based and food combining diet. I’m flexible, I love fish, seafood, and cheese when it’s good quality stuff, I’ll eat them making sure it’s well combined. But most of my diet is fruits and veggies - that’s how I feel my best. 

I start my day with coffee with almond milk. Later in the morning, I’ll have a green juice (I make it at home). 

For breakfast, I’ll have fruit with coconut yogurt (The Coconut Cult or Anita’s). 

Lunch is a big raw salad with avocado and dinner starts with a salad, then steamed or roasted veggies with grains (millet/quinoa) and sweet potato. I always have a treat after - raw coconut ice cream (although I can’t trust myself and have to eat the whole thing so I don’t keep it at home haha!) or I’ll have a few squares of dark chocolate. I love to put chocolate chips in the freezer and eat a little bit before bed.

Are there any herbs or supplements that you take and find to be helpful with your general wellness?
Probiotics first thing in the morning! Then I’ll have vitamin E supplement and D + K2 in the winter. My philosophy, and also what Gil Jacobs (who’s my health go-to and the best colon hydrotherapist in the world) taught me, is that if your body is CLEAN then you don’t need extras.
Also, there’s no positive effect to all these herbs if your body is toxic... Reishi, ashwagandha... they for sure work but not on a toxic body. Plus, they are very potent, so you have to be sure you need them before taking anything. I go to an endocrinologist and a functional medicine doctor and do blood tests so I’m aware of what I need. 

Can you walk us through your morning and nightly beauty routine?
AM: First thing, a glass of water with probiotics. Then I make my coffee, it’s a bit like a meditation! I put time - I make it in my Chemex - I’m a REAL coffee snob! I love GOOD coffee. There’s nothing worse than SAD hotel coffee. I also make my own almond milk - and I’m this weirdo who will bring her own to the coffee shop at the airport (TSA approved!). Then I workout. Usually, from home - I stream Tracy Anderson or LEKFIT (I own a trampoline!). After that, I make my green juice. It sets you up for the day! Concentrated life force and we need it! Living in a city like NYC you have to take care of your body and mind! And get in touch with nature! Then it’s shower time, I’ll dry brush first to activate the lymphatic system! After that, I go to work and have my breakfast while reading emails. 

PM: It depends but I try very hard to not be on my phone. Skincare is so simple. I wash my face with Cetaphil and then put Solution 10 moisturizer from Chanel. My dermatologist Amy Wechsler is a minimalist and doesn’t believe in complicated/expensive routines. It definitely works for my skin. 

Then I go to bed - with my fiancé and we read or chat about our day. 

What are your 5 favorite skincare products right now?
Cetaphil, Chanel’s Solution 10 and Sublimage Eye Cream, Masque Vivant from Biologique Recherche and Hydra Beauty lip balm from Chanel as well.

What is your typical weekly workout routine?
At-home workouts with Tracy Anderson and LEKFIT (5x week) - if I workout somewhere it will be Barry’s Bootcamp or yoga at Modo. 

Can you share anyone from your little black book of health and wellness? Who are your go-to practitioners?
- Gil Jacobs for colonics. LIFE CHANGING (!)
- Dr. Amy Weschler for dermatology - she’s the best.
- IMD Spa for lymphatic massage - it’s a splurge but so so good. 
- Joanna Czech for facials.
- Dr. Stephen Cohen for Acupuncture.

How do you stay grounded when life gets hectic, what do you do to relax?
THERAPY! It’s life-changing and the best investment. Other than that – a bath, self-care and friends and family. 

What is your personal mantra?
I don’t have one specifically, but I like to practice gratefulness - see the good in everything. 

Favorite place you’ve traveled to?
Italy. I just LOVE it there! And Ibiza too! 

I lived in Paris for a year and have a deep love for the city, and the Parisian culture, but you were raised there which I think is fantastic! What are your current favorite restaurants and places to prendre une verre in Paris?
- Le Petit Lutetia
- Le Taxi Jaune
- La Société 
- L’Ami Louis
- Le Petrelle

Favorite restaurants in New York?
- Nobu
- Estela
- Balthazar

What are your guilty pleasures?
Ice-cream and anything with chocolate. Oh and BREAD AND BUTTER IN PARIS!

What are you most excited for in 2019?
Getting back to meditation, going deeper in exploring myself through plant medicine.

What does “A Joyous Life” look like for you?
Being in tune, feeling all the feelings, good friends, adventure and laughs!

January 17, 2019