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Deborah Hanekamp, Founder of Space by Mama Medicine

Deborah Hanekamp, also known as Mama Medicine, was called by Vogue “one of the fashion industry’s favorite healers,” and with good reason. Her work takes a holistic approach blending ancient knowledge from a variety of traditions that include a spiritual reading, a shamanic cleansing ceremony, and a uniquely customized ritual bath prescription (more on that coming your way).  

Space by Mama Medicine is where the magic takes place. The moment I had set foot in the room felt like I was coming home, literally and figuratively. It’s a studio filled with natural, gentle light which feels like a subtle invitation to go within in a safe and supported space. 

The couple of times that I’ve worked with Deborah I’ve been impacted by her delicate yet touching energy. She is a beautiful open-hearted human, inspiring, and yes, a healer. I call her a healer not because she manages to take my pain/fear/shame away, but because one of the greatest gifts she’s taught me is to BE MY OWN HEALER. 

My experiences with her feel always, number one: grounding. And eye-opening. On my last visit, by the time our session was over, a light that was dimmed had sparked in me. This is why today I share her work with you, as I’m forever grateful to the people (and their tools) that have helped me, and continue to do so, along the way to RECENTER and FEEL ALIVE again.

Read below all there is to learn about Mama Medicine, her practice, a few of her favorite things, an upcoming exciting project, and more.


Can you tell us a bit about your background? What sparked your interest in the world of healing arts?
I was always a mystical kid and I started out on this path at a very young age. There were no universities for what I did so I went back and forth to Thailand for five years and studied Reiki, crystal healing and sound healing. Then I went back and forth to true Peruvian Amazon for eight years and immersed myself in shamanism. 

How would you describe what you do?
I empower people to be their own healers.
A Medicine Reading is a healing modality that I created,  designed to empower you to be your own healer. It involves the combination of conversation, an aura reading, and a healing ritual. 

Can you walk us through the process?
A Medicine Reading is a very collaborative experience.  The client shares what they are calling in or clearing out in their life and then based on what I see I share hidden talents, gifts, or blocks that are coming up. In the Ceremony, I use crystal singing bowls, different instruments such as my voice in song as well as scent to cleanse, bless, and protect and ultimately empower the auric field. After that, I provide some spiritual homework and an at-home ritual bath recipe to take so you have actionable steps to practice being your own healer.

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What does the aura of a person mean? How is this a tool for you?
Just like we have a physical body we have an energy body. I see this energy body in color and the different colors in the aura mean different things to me. I interpret the colors, telling people what I see that could be hidden talents and gifts or this that could be blocking them on the path to being their own healer. 

I really love your work, I connect to the essence of it, your beautiful vibe, the medicine, all of it! It is authentic and honest. One of the things that I enjoy the most is the customized ritual bath—where I feel supported by all these different elements: flowers, crystals, and herbs... can you tell us what’s the effect on us and what can we notice?
I think the bath is one of the most powerful tools that we can use to be our own healer because we have all heard of a bath before and most likely have felt very different before and after bathing. Adding elemental bits of nature like crystals, salts, oils, and flowers make it an amazing healing experience because nature heals. 

Can you share with us your favorite tools to be our own healers?
Spending time outside. 

When it comes to crystals, are there any “essentials” we could all benefit from?
Amethyst is a powerful all-purpose crystal because of its transformative energy. 

In which occasions can we see you, and how often?
Come see me at Space by Mama Medicine in NYC for a one on one or group Medicine Reading, we always have virtual Medicine Readings and my Italy Retreat!

What has been the most exciting moment in your career to date?
Writing my book which will be out next Spring! 

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve come across so far?
Learning how to say no to different collaborations and have boundaries with my time. 

As someone who started their own business, what is the secret to your success?
The three P’s: Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance. 

So changing tracks a little…

What time do you wake up in the morning?
5 am! 

Can you walk us through your morning routine?
I make tea or coffee, meditate, write and do yoga then around 7 am I wake my family up and get them going for the day! 

What is your philosophy on food? Do you avoid any foods or food groups?
I haven’t eaten meat since I was 17 I also try to eat organic and local as much as possible.

True beauty really does come from within, and it begins with vibrant health. You’re not only beautiful on the inside but on the outside as well! I’m a big believer that food plays an important role for anyone to be healthy, vibrate higher, and having that luminous glow.

Awe thank you! So are you! 

Could you please describe a typical meal for each of these...
Breakfast: a seaweed broth or a smoothie.

Lunch: a salad. (Ed. Note: Deborah is a big Sakara fan).
Dinner: something warming like a soup or veggie dish. I also love Mediterranean food! 
Snack: fruit, nuts or dried seaweed.

What are your non-negotiable wellness rituals?
Spending time outdoors! 

Can you share with us the components of a healing bath that is simple to prepare yet good medicine in case of any internally rainy day?
Epsom salt, amethyst crystal, fresh orange slices, pink rose petals. 


What are your top 3 skincare products? 
1. Manuka Honey face wash from Naturopathica
2. True Botanicals everything 
3. Max & Me "I am the light" oil

What is your favorite form of exercise and do you have a particular routine that you do consistently?
I love walking and doing yoga! 

What are you loving right now?
The book "The Secret Life of Trees." So good!!! 

On your days off, what do you to relax/recenter?
Watch movies, go to the farmers market or try to get out of the city. 

An unforgettable place you’ve traveled to in the past year, and why?
Morocco, it was really a life changing experience and a powerful well of creativity for me. 

The best souvenirs you’ve brought home…
Cute little slippers from Morocco!

What is next on the agenda for Mama Medicine?
More books! And always more Medicine Readings of course! 

Lastly, what does "A Joyous Life" look like for you?
Being happy with what I have. 

June 11, 2019