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Danielle Copperman, Model, Author, Entrepreneur

Danielle Copperman is the author, model and entrepreneur owner of Qnola – a beautiful line of breakfast goods made from 100% natural, top quality ingredients, free from wheat, gluten, refined sugars, and dairy.

Copperman is the author of the recently released Well Being book, which covers "recipes and rituals to realign the body and mind," I can't put it down. I had the pleasure to interview the lovely Danielle, asked her a few questions and this is what A Day in The Life looks like for her. (Ed note: please try the Cacao & Cashew granola, and of course get the book... thank me later). 

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Occupation: Model, nutritionist, writer, food stylist, chef, and entrepreneur. 

Current Location: London

How do you describe your philosophy about food?
I eat only natural foods and where possible these will be organic and ethically and locally produced. I don't eat gluten, grains, dairy or refined sugar, but occasionally have gluten if it is in homemade fresh foods. I eat foods produced by the earth with functionality and intention. As nature intended. Whatever grows naturally from the earth is here to serve a purpose and I believe that purpose is living creatures' survival.

I eat foods produced by the earth with functionality and intention.

What’s a typical…
Breakfast: A tonic in the morning and a smoothie or a bowl of coconut yogurt with Qnola and fruit. if I have more time I will make eggs and avocado, but that usually becomes more brunch or an early lunch!

Lunch: Salad with salmon or mixed vegetables, or eggs, avocado and homemade nut and seed bread. Occasionally I will eat leftovers or make a seaweed broth.

Dinner: I love curries, soups, stews, and quinoa risottos especially this time of year. For something more simple I will eat salmon, green vegetables and sweet potato with hemp seeds or pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Snacks: Roasted or raw nuts and seeds, homemade nut and seed clusters, homemade raw date balls, raw chocolate, homemade nut butter with berries, raw vegetables, smoothie, juice, tonics, adaptogen drinks or herbal tea.

The most important thing when indulging is that your mind is at ease and open to it.

What’s your favorite indulgence, and how often do you allow yourself to enjoy it?
I indulge whenever I am in good company and whenever I want to. I never really indulge when I'm on my own as I love to share the indulgence. if I am eating with friends who have made some indulgent dessert or who want to make pizza, if I am feeling comfortable in terms of my digestion etc, I will indulge with them. The most important thing when indulging is that your mind is at ease and open to it. if you hate yourself for indulging in something, your body will hate it too and the way your mind and body connect will mean the food is not digested optimally. If you are happy and enjoy the indulgence with others, your body and mind will be more at ease.

What’s your exercise routine, how many days a week do you workout?
It changes all the time. I do yoga every day even if it's just 10 minutes at home or 2 minutes in headstand. I run in the evenings when I can and occasionally swim 1-2 times a week. I love boxing but it is hard to plan it into my ever changing schedule. I go to classes whenever I can.

Do you have a morning ritual? Practice meditation or have an established beauty routine?
I start each day with 10-minute meditation or just thinking to myself in bed. Sometimes I use this time to FaceTime my boyfriend just to say hi. He's usually still asleep but it's nice to wake up with him. Then I have a liquid of lemon and ginger or an adaptogen superfood powder in water or milk. Then I do 10 minutes stretching or yoga in my room before showering and getting ready for the day.

What are your favorite “can’t-live-without” skincare products, any specific brands you love?
I love anything by Liz Earle, Herbivore Botanicals, Dr. Hauschka, and Glossier.

How do you decompress from a long day?
I light spirit candles, talk to my sisters, my parents, my friends, face time my boyfriend, watch a movie, take a bath, paint my nails, read a book, study Swedish or meditate and practice yin/restorative yoga. Sometimes I manage to fit all of these things into one evening, other nights its as simple as lighting a candle or burning some palo santo and breathing deeply before bed.

Do you have any advice for getting back on track after the holidays?
Smoothies and tonics. They are quick effective ways to cleanse the body and provide it with concentrated vitamins and minerals. The first step is to detoxify quite seriously and then to get back to your positive habits. If your body is cleansed, it will crave more cleansing foods, so this is a good place to start, rather than just trying to force some salad down after a holiday binge when you'll likely be craving more junk!

What’s next for Qnola?
We are developing a lifestyle range of products such as candles and natural beauty products, along with teas, tonics, powders, and new granola flavors. We are developing clusters and bars, and we are also working on an exciting wake up well project - watch this space!

What does living "A Joyful Life" mean to you?
Being happy, positive, open and light. To be joyous is to be open to experiences and welcome all experiences with joy, and to see the joy in even the less positive things in life.

March 26, 2018