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Amanda Chase, ōSHen Founder

Amanda Chase was (still is) an expander before I even knew what an Expander was. At the time, we were both working for Michael Kors, in New York City, I was an Editorial Intern and she had THE JOB. There was something magnetic about her, I remember when I first saw her say to myself, “wow”. I was seeing a young, savvy girl, working in fashion, I loved her style and how she was making waves--being a part of something big.

Months after my internship ended, I was back in Mexico City, my dreams kept changing & evolving as I separated from the world of fashion and started to explore more for myself. I was leaning toward the wellness word and its interminable healing modalities. That’s when I entered the world of Lacy Phillips, Founder of To Be Magnetic, whom many of you have seen me share on Instagram. On a good Summer day, I found out that Amanda was now a part of Lacy’s team. I was really surprised, how did that happen?! Well, she also changed cities, she is still that cool girl, but richer—in depth, in soul. Today is the founder of a content creation studio for conscious brands, ōSHen. I’ve had the luck to work with her a couple of times, I feel so grateful to have gotten to really meet her as well as have her be a part of my self-development journey. Even at distance, we’re growing together, we’re evolving as we go. It’s beautiful when you find someone that reminds you of your own gifts and greatness and at the same time teaches you to channel that and make something of substance.I feel honored to have had the opportunity to interview Amanda for The SV Edit. We talked about her current mission with ōSHen, morning routines, wellness practices and much more. 

Can you share a little bit about your background?
I grew up in the suburbs of Maryland. I was always quiet, adventurous and kind. I loved to spend time in my room learning, reading, imagining, and entertaining myself. I love calm environments where I can think and wonder. When I was 16 years old, I discovered a copy of NYLON Magazine just sitting on a chair at a local nail salon. I instantly fell in love with the imagery, typography, editorial direction and layout. From that moment on, I dedicated my life to becoming a Creative Director for a Magazine. Every single decision was to work on making that dream a reality. I would spend hours on the floor of my bedroom creating mood boards for the life that I dreamed of living and creating visuals that reflected that essence. Every job I worked was to save for when I would move out to LA to study Visual Communications at FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I moved across the country by myself with two suitcases and a one-way ticket at the age of 21 to pursue this dream. To me, this was the only option for my career. There was no plan B. The first day of school, I walked into the administrative office and asked to speak to my advisor. I told her, I wanted to set myself up to be able to get an internship in the fashion magazine industry in NYC. I worked extremely hard to be able to make that happen. And I did. I applied to countless internships and was accepted in the Seventeen Magazine Fashion Department Internship for the Fall of 2012. On the last day of my final exams, I took a red eye from LAX to JFK with those two suitcases and another one-way ticket. I stayed in a hotel because I didn’t have an apartment yet - and I went into the office the following day for my first day. I had never worked so hard in my life. It was an absolute dream and an absolutely hard experience. After three months, my internship was complete and I was approached by one of the Editors asking if she could hire me at her next position which would be Refinery29. This was the start of my career in fashion, creative, editorial and marketing. I have since gone on to work in the creative advertising departments at luxury fashion brands and blogger studios. After 5 long years in NYC, I moved yet again with those two suitcases and a one-way ticket from JFK back to LAX. I was finally home. I started ōSHen, a content creation studio for conscious brands. It has never been an easy path - but I know it is worth it and I strive to inspire others to live their dream no matter where they come from or what they believe they were told to do growing up.

How would you describe what you do?
ōSHen is a content creation studio for conscious visionaries. We are here to harmonize the INNER and OUTER worlds of founders and their brands. We are here to hold space for one to be seen, heard and valued. We listen deeply to hear what each client desires and then alchemize that information into visuals that are reflected in the brands brand identity, website, social media content, courses, workshops, events, media kits, brand partnerships and more. At the end of the day, we are passionate about making something of substance. 

I’m a big fan of all that you put into the world, especially with Oshen Creative, it’s authentic and you can tell it’s coming from a place of service and pure love.

How did your love for content creation start?
Thank you so much, Sofia! I wear my heart on my sleeve. This company is a reflection of that heart and soul. Ever since I was 16 years old, I made it a point to inspire people that they can live the life of their dreams - no matter what! But, another important factor that I wanted to prove in my business is that we can treat people with kindness, respect and compassion. When I was working in Fashion, everyone was really harsh, mean and deeply inauthentic. I desired to create a space where I could be myself and still be a business owner. I hope to inspire this type of business mindset for all business leaders moving forward. 

In these unprecedented times, how are you holding up?
Thank you for asking. I have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. This year has pushed me to really exploring my limits. As a result, I’ve made the intention to bring in more self-care to my daily rituals and routines. I love a simple life - this year has really helped me implement that with my business and work life. These are the key essentials that have helped me manage the year to the best of my ability: sleeping 8 hours a day, eating nutritious foods, spending quality time with loved ones, devotion to my meditation practice and relaxing. In a time when things are more up-in-the-air than usual, I use those grounding practices to help keep me centered and balance. Not every day is perfect and some days I find myself exhausted, sad and overwhelmed. But, just like everything else, I keep going, I keep getting up, I keep trying. That to me - is all I can do at this time. To keep going, slowly and gently. 

What does “Well-Living Is Well-Being” mean to you?
To me, it is happiness. To be well, we must live well - and to me living well is being happy. At the end of the day, I just simply desire to go to sleep with a smile on my face. Simple. 


Is routine important to you or do you like things to be more open and freer? Can you please walk us through your morning routine? 
I love routine. My puppy also helps me keep to a routine. When it comes to my routine with my morning, I do leave space for intuitive changes but it’s ultimately the same thing everyday: 

6-7am: wake up and take the puppy outside

7-8am: coffee with my boyfriend, read the newspaper, play with puppy

8-9am: walk with puppy and listen to podcast

9-10am: shower, dress and get ready for the day 

10-1pm: client meetings, work time 

1-2pm: lunch at home 

2-6pm: work time and wrap up for the day

6-7pm: walk with puppy 

7-8pm: make dinner for my boyfriend and I and feed the puppy 

8-10pm: relax, rest, read, call friends or family 

10:30pm: sleep 

Have you introduced new rituals since staying home?
Yes, I am home 100% of the time now so I cook almost every single meal unless we do take-out. So cooking is certainly a new ritual for me. 

What does your nightly routine look like?
So simple. Wash my face with Osea milk cleaner, Rarity Natural Oil, Osea Vagus Nerve Oil, brush my teeth and straight into bed. 


What does your beauty routine look like, AM & PM? 

Rinse with warm water
Lip balm from Saje to hydrate lips 
Rarity Natural Oil for radiant skin 
Gua Sha - 3 minute routine learned from Britta Plug
Vital Proteins Collagen in coffee
Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick for under eyes and around nose
Lola Black Mascara
Glossier Boy Brow Gel in clear 

Osea Milk Cleanser 
Rarity Natural Oil 
Osea Vagus Nerve Oil 
Kate McLeod Hand Lotion

What are 3-5 products always in your bag, or that you couldn’t live without?
These days: a mask, Illevesta sunglasses and Saje lip balm.

Do you have any beauty/health tricks that you’ve found to be especially useful?
Hydration - when I am hydrated I feel incredible and my mind, body and spirit are all in alignment, radiant and glowing. Sunshine - the vitamin d helps my mind and I feel completely refreshed after spending time outside in the sun. 


Do you follow any specific eating philosophy?
I love nourishing and nutritious foods. I eat primarily a pescatarian diet with a large focus on plant-based meals. I love taking care of my body so everything I consume is with the highest vibrations to keep a high-vibe day.

Are there any particular foods that you find to be helpful with general wellness?
Plant-based, I always feel good after a healthy veggie meal. Also, a glass of red wine - even better when shared with a loved one.

Describe your typical meal for each of these…

            Breakfast: spinach, avocado toast, two scrambled eggs with coffee

            Lunch:  warm leftovers from the night before or a simple sandwich

            Dinner: grilled salmon, roasted veggies, glass of vino

            Snack: blueberries and matcha tea


Do you have any kind of mindfulness practice?
Every moment for me is a mindfulness practice. I meditate almost everyday.

What does your home workout routine look like? Time of day?I work out 2-3 times a week. I run and do circuit training in the evening. My boyfriend is a soccer coach so he always comes up with exciting, fun and creative workouts that really have results! Last year I tore my ACL so I have to incorporate this type of practice into my routine to always strengthen my leg. 

Do you have any other wellness practices or rituals that help you stay balanced and healthy in your daily life?
So many - reading, taking baths, time with loved ones, journaling, and time with the puppy. Everyday, I strive to be present and in the moment with whatever is in front of me. 


What are you up to whilst practicing social distancing?
Lots of self-care time and alone time. I love it. It's also helping me direct more time and attention to my business and creating content for my own brand!

Which self-care practices help you stay light and grounded when life gets stressful?
Baths, sleep, kundalini, nature walks, trips to the beach. 

What advice would you give someone feeling stuck trying to start something new or launch a new business?
Clarity comes from slowing down to receive the internal wisdom within. We all have the answers inside - if and when you are feeling stuck, take time away from the project - do something else and when you least expect it, you will hear the answers. I often get downloads when I am taking a shower before the start of the day. 


“Rapid Fire” Questions
Facialist: Britta Plug and Molly Stanton of Sagelane Skincare

Hair Stylist/Colorist: AJ from Spoke and Weal, in LA 

At-home beauty tool: Gua Sha and Epsom salts in Bath 

Organic juice spot: Erewhon 

Workout wear: Bandier 

Favorite drink(s): Water and Napa Red Wines 

What are you watching? Playbook on Netflix 

What are you reading? Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek 

What are you listening to? Call her Daddy Podcast 

What are you cooking? Nourishing oatmeal with blueberries, cinnamon and maple syrup 

Favorite hotel: Proper Hotel in Santa Monica 

Favorites places to eat in LA: Kings Road Cafe, Izakaya, Terroni’s

Last meal that truly impressed you: Dinners at home cooked by my boyfriend and I 

Guilty pleasure: Nelly’s Peanut Butter and Coconut Bar

Necessary indulgence: Dip in the sea 

November 30, 2020