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Conversations: Oriane Baud, Collage Artist, Stylist, Fashion Editor

I'm always looking for ways to be inspired, to feel lifted and make my wishes come true. I also feel unconsciously attracted to people who actually are making things happen for them too, it’s a feeling I cannot describe, it’s a sort of plain and simple magnetism. But I can tell you for sure that these people who have an aura of making it seem so easy, they’re authentic, kind and welcoming.
This is one of my favorite columns to write on the blog. By know I’m sure you know how much I value self-care, the ever evolving practice of self-love, wellness and all things the things that bring happiness to our lives allowing us to be on top our games. Here, I get to interview men and women whom I find inspiring, for their work, their vibe, achievements – they’ve definitely sparked a light of some sort in my life. 

Meet Oriane Baud, a freelance fashion editor, collage artist, stylist and art director whose beautiful art I came across on Instagram while she was a collaborator at Hey Woman!, but most importantly, a girl who walks the walk and chooses to see life through rose colored glasses. Now, who doesn’t love that? 


: Oriane Baud

Occupation: Fashion Editor & Stylist / Former Contributor at Hey Woman!

Current Location: London


I love rituals, I find them very reassuring and I also think that having a routine is healthier for the body.

What do your mornings look like? 
I wake up generally without an alarm, wash my face with cold water, put some music on (on Monday my weekly discovery on Spotify), make the bed and start preparing breakfast (my favorite meal!). I don’t use any make up and I generally wake up knowing what I want to wear which allows me to take my time and not rush.

Please describe your “ideal” morning:
Waking up calmly, without any time pressure next to my beloved partner, going out for breakfast in the neighborood on a sunny terrasse followed by a yoga session.


Do you have any nighttime rituals that help you wind down/sleep well?
I drink a pot of camomille every single evening before going to bed!



Do you follow any specific eating philosophy?
I don’t eat any processed foods and don’t add any salt to my food.

What foods or food groups (if any) do you avoid?
I try to avoid beans since they make me feel bloated.

Do you drink any kind of cleansing beverage first in the morning?
Yes I do! I drink every single day, a fresh lemon in warm water - I started 6 years ago and never stopped!

Describe your typical meal for each of these:

        Breakfast: Lemon water and a kiwi followed by my homemade bircher muesli and a lot of green tea.

        Lunch: When at home I generally make a salad with beetroots, avocado, tomatoes accompanied with eggs (scrambled/sunny side up or my favorite and famous homemade recipe: healthy pancakes! (1 egg, 1 tbsp of baby food (the one that is 100% carrot ), 3 tbsp of oat bran. In a pan for approx 2 min, flip it and degust!

        Dinner: I generally eat out in the evening. I love to meet friends, have date night, try new restaurants and finish the day nicely.

        Snacks: I never do - I hate snacking, I prefer to be very hungry for meals and take time to sit down and enjoy them. For me, meals are a very important ritual and are much more than just about food - I hate eating « sur le pouce » as we say in French, which means on-the-run or standing up.

Do you have any kind of caffeine-fix as a part of your ritual, and in what form?
I can’t live without green tea, if I don’t have at least a cup I can feel as tired as most people without coffee. Coffee on the other hand is for me, more an after lunch pleasure/treat than a need.

Are there any supplements, herbs, powders or superfoods that you find to be helpful?
I take Yeast capsules every mornings, they are good for the hair and nails. I also use turmeric and cinnamon often in my cooking.

A person that influences your views on wellness?
My mum! She started eating goji, quinoa and drinking lemon water since I was a kid - long before it became trendy and started to be called « superfood ».

Do you have a favorite indulgence? How often do you allow yourself to enjoy it?
I am a major dessert person and I love chocolate. I don’t really allow myself or not, I have sweets when I feel like it and my body finds the balance by itself: if I have too much (like on holidays for instance) the following week I will probably need less and maybe not have any. I've learned to listen to my body and its needs.


What is your idea of beauty?
Beauty for me is: natural, simplicity, happiness and confidence.

Which are your current favorite skincare brands?
I am very basic when it comes to beauty products, I don’t do trends or innovation. My daily skin products are from Avène, Caudalie & Aesop.

What is your approach to skincare during the weekdays as opposed to the weekends?
I don’t change a thing!: Water spray by Avène, Fabulous Oil by Aesop and I am ready to go! 

What makes you feel your most beautiful, radiant self?

Do you have any kind of practice that helps nourish/protect your sense of feeling beautiful?
I need 8 hours of sleep (minimum!), get enough sun/vitamin D, practice yoga and have a healthy lifestyle. I feel beautiful when I feel good in my skin.


Do you have an exercise routine that you practice regularly?
I do yoga 3 to 4 times a week and when I can, I have a little training before composed of a speed walking session (my knees hurt when I run) and some abdominal exercises. I also recently tried Barre Fit in London and loved it!

What do you consider to be the most valuable change you’ve made to your routine or lifestyle in terms wellness?
I started yoga 6 years ago and it helped me a lot for calming my anxiety and stress. That’s probably the biggest valuable change I experienced.

When you’re feeling stressed, how do you deal with it?
Cleaning and organizing my house calms me. I guess it’s because it gives me some feeling of control which is what I am missing when stressed.

How do you decompress from a long day?
By slowing down, cooking with my boyfriend, talking/going through the day and asking him for advice. I also don’t mind a foot massage!

Do you have any advice/recommendations for getting back on track after the holidays?
Without hesitation: a regular routine! Lots of sleep, some exercice and less ice cream!


What is a fun thing for you to do?
I like walking, sitting on a pretty terrasse and people watching. I also love watching food programs - I have a weird obsession with "The Great British Bake Off"!

Gathered with friends or on date night, what’s your drink?
Red wine forever! And if I feel more wild: Espresso Martini
Where is your favorite place to travel? 
The last trip that blew my mind was South Africa. I loved the people, the landscape, the weather and the food.

What are your travel essentials?
I never leave without:
A book
Baby powder – the only product I use for my hair!
A white shirt – it generally works with every outift, is nice on top of a bikini and as comfortable as a pyjama.
And… Ear plugs – I sleep much better in silence.


What are your favorite places to eat? 
London: Osteria Basilico for dinner and Eggbreak for breakfast.
Berlin: Katz Orange for dinner and Betty n Caty for breakfast.
Paris: Ralph’s for dinner and Claus for breakfast.
Copenhagen: Paté Paté for dinner and Atelier September for breakfast.
Cape Town: The Shortmarket Club for dinner, Clarke’s for breakfast.
What advice would you give to anyone looking to start a business?
Believe in yourself and don’t compare to others.

May 11, 2018