I LOVE traveling. I love being able to break free out of my daily routines. It's always comforting getting somewhere that makes me feel 'home away from home' or exciting to fly to a place for the first time. Honestly, a trip of any kind is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to absorb as many good energies and breathe fresh new airs. It allows us to get inspired while we discover new cultures, taste new foods and drink as the locals do.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
– Henry Miller

Traveling is exhausting, too. For that reason, I try bringing a couple of things that will make the whole process a little bit lighter. Think an endless line at Customs, you're thirsty AND starving... real life things like that. Below, you'll see a list of My Travel Essentials, because yes it's good to break free from routine and inject adventure to our lives but these little details, believe me, they have the great power to put a smile on your face. So here's to feeling clean, nourished and relaxed on-the-go!

  1. iPhone 6 + Bose earphones – no explanation needed
  2. Aesop antibacterial + hand cream  – for the Spa smell and non-greasy sensation
  3. by Terry Rose lip balm – super hydrating plus the right amount of shimmer, the smell is also divine (roses!)
  4. Sunglasses Givenchy aviators  – a classic style and a staple
  5. Moleskine – because I love writing things down. From the places I went, and the new foods I tried, to the shops discovered on the road...
  6. A good read – because reading is the most productive way to relax 
  7. Red lipstick by Tom Ford in Cherry Lush  – by far, this is the easiest way to transition my look from day-to-night
  8. Pratima essential oils – I had the great honor to met this Dr. Pratima Raichur, she's a beautiful soul who shared with me some anti-stress techniques which I've found to be life changing. Her essential oils have become a must of mine
  9. Leica D-LUX 5 – you cannot compare the quality of a photograph that's been taken with this, am talking to you iPhone
  10. Bottled water + snacks – because I'm the queen of snacks, in my bag, you'll always find something to eat: sprouted walnuts, maybe an apple, coconut water or a Chia Warrior bar. I love snacks