Eat Well

When you feel good, you look good. So true.

Here my suggestions to eating well and creating more wellbeing, radiance and energy in your life:

Ditch the artificial and processed refined sugars. Instead, try natural sweeteners such as: local raw organic honey, organic maple syrup, dried fruit or stevia.

Cut out the coffee, soft drinks, cordials, fruit juices and energy drinks. Opt for drinks such as coconut water, fresh fruit or veggie juices, fresh smoothies, herbal teas and of course loads of clean, filtered water to flush out the toxins.

Trade the processed, packaged or boxed ‘food’ for fresh, naturally colourful, real wholefoods. You’ll discover a whole lot more flavour and they’re much better for you.

Opt for local and organic produce wherever you can. The ‘cleaner’ our food. the easier it is for our body to process all the nutrients.

Swap low fat, low carb food or drinks for full fat. Fat is NOT what makes us overweight - sugar is - when fat is eliminated from natural produce such as milk it’s often replaced with sugar. Note to self: sugar is the enemy!

Go gluten free with quinoa, wild rice, brown rice, or amaranth. We tend to fill ourselves up on breads, pastas and other grains but the truth is, this makes us feel lethargic, bloated and tired.

Say goodbye to alcohol. Instead choose sparking mineral water with fresh lime, strawberries or mint. A fresh virgin coconut is also a fun treat!

Choose organic, pasture-fed animal products. We want to eat as close to the way humans did thousands of years ago - this is how our bodies were primed to eat!