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Lifestyle Writer

SV empowers people. She hopes to inspire them to feel great and helps them make the most of their very best selves.


My Passions

It’s not about perfection. The point is to keep it simple, bringing things back to where real meaning lies. About loving yourself. I believe in living what I call an integrated lifestyle—something that starts with the basic element of nourishment. That means food, of course, but also means nourishing other parts of life that add to happiness, health and our overall attitude. Nourishment for who we really are. I like searching out what’s best. Sometimes it’s wellness or a natural skincare secret. Other times we’ll dive into fashion, travel or restaurants—plus a whole lot more. That’s the essence of SV. But we’re also about a sense of curiosity. The little rituals and discoveries that lend meaning to life—and that construct wellbeing, day after day. I’d love you to be a part of it. SV is a lifestyle platform that comes out of my personal wellness vision. Forgetting that impossible perfection that exists only on magazine covers, the goal is to inspire and and empower readers to feel good about themselves today and discover that best version of me that lives inside us all.

Wellness = Beauty

I love wellness most of all. It starts from within and radiates out, to encompass the right mix of good eating, physical activity, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, working on interpersonal relationships, enjoying life… And most of all, living in the moment. At one point motivated to make changes in my own life, I discovered the secret to feeling and looking your best is a complex set of elements. We are the sum of an integrated body. I started studying paths to nutrition, healing, Eastern medicine, Ayurveda and other wellness alternatives. And I decided to run with my new passion. It led me to Dr. Frank Lipman, Pratima Raichur, Alisa Vitti and other practitioners who helped me understand balance—and how you achieve, conserve and care for it. I earned certification in Culinary Nutrition from the Matthew Kenney school and from that moment on was able to share knowledge and experience to help others take on good habits and live at 100%.

Travel, Explore

I’ll admit it: things like fashion and travel—and all they entail—bring a lot of happiness to my life. I use these blog sections to share my favorite products and discoveries, like places to eat, destinations that offer something truly extraordinary, must-do cultural experiences, exceptional stores, tips from local insiders and interviews with a host of fascinating people that have left a mark on who we are today.

The Track Record

A desire to see the world took me to three (if not more!) lives—in Switzerland, Paris and New York—where I did a full dive into the fashion industry, earning certificates in Fashion Marketing at the Parsons School of Design (New York) as well as in Image Consulting and Fashion Merchandising at Paris’s Marangoni. Now I’m based in Miami. The scene is exuberant! But my three style watchwords remain classic, comfort and chic.

It’s All About Inspiration

The idea behind SV is inspiration. Inspiration that leads to living and feeling better. Sharing knowledge and experience as a community. Learning what we can from others’ amazing journeys.

Styling + Holistic Nutrition